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Every day new users are being added to Facebook. Many have a Facebook ID that someone else has opened. Who knows, maybe you or a member of your family recently decided to join Facebook! But not everyone knows how to open a Facebook account or the rules for opening a Facebook ID. Facebook account open but much easier!

Let’s find out more about the main features of Facebook, the advantages and disadvantages of Facebook, how to open a Facebook account or the rules for opening a Facebook account, etc.

What is Facebook?

Facebook is currently the most popular social media. Facebook is widely used to connect with family and friends online and to share different moments. There are currently 2.85 billion Facebook users worldwide. Of these, 1.78 billion users log on to Facebook at least once a day.

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When Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook in 2004, only Harvard students could use the website. Since 2006, anyone 13 years of age or older has been added to Facebook with an email ID. Currently, a Facebook account can be opened using either email or phone numbers.

Facebook’s main features

Despite being a social media, Facebook is now one of the main promotional channels for various businesses and organizations. Facebook is always adding new features. However, there are some key features of Facebook that are basically the way the site is arranged. Facebook Main Features:

News Feed: Pages, profiles, and group posts followed by a user are displayed in the news feed. This is the homepage that appears when you log in to Facebook. A Facebook user spends most of his time on news feeds.

Friend: You can add another Facebook user as a friend by sending a friend request. Users see updates posted to each other directly in the news feed after joining as friends.

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Timeline: A timeline is an archive of all posts made by a user or page. Basically, all posts are sorted by date in the timeline. The profile pages are the timeline.

Likes / Reactions: A user can express his views or feelings in a post through likes or reactions.

Messages / Inbox: Private messages or group chats made through Facebook are stored in the inbox.

Groups: A user forum based on a topic is called a group. Many types of posts can be posted on Facebook groups, including links and media.

Story: A story is a picture or short video posted by a user that disappears after 24 hours.

The advantage of Facebook

For better or worse, Facebook has become an integral part of many people’s lives. This is because of all the features of Facebook and the various benefits that are created for people through it. Significant advantages of Facebook are:

  • It is very easy to keep in touch with friends and family.
  • Funny incidents or memories that happen to you can be shared with family and friends.
  • News of what is happening in any part of the world is available at home.
  • Going to connect with people with the same ideas and ideologies through groups or pages.
  • Getting updates from favorite celebrities or stars.
  • It is becoming possible to create buyers for brands and brands very easily online.

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The disadvantage of Facebook

There are advantages as well as disadvantages of Facebook. In the past, many users have deleted this social media account due to a lack of security with user data on Facebook. Some of the significant disadvantages of Facebook are:

  • As a result of sharing additional personal information on Facebook, users face security issues.
  • Getting to know the real account or page on Facebook is often a hassle in the crowd of fake profiles.
  • Excessive use of Facebook wastes a lot of valuable time.
  • Wrong links or software downloads through Facebook can spread viruses and malware.
  • Through this, fake information can spread more quickly than real one.

What it takes to open a Facebook account

  • Internet connection.
  • Mobile or computer.
  • Email account or mobile number.
  • Note that in order to open a new Facebook account, the user must be at least 13 years old.

Facebook apps

There are multiple apps from Facebook for using Facebook. There is a messenger app for chatting on Facebook. There is also Facebook Lite for low-end devices so that all the features of Facebook can be used in a small app. There are also messenger lights.

  1. Facebook app
  2. Facebook Lite
  3. Messenger app
  4. Messenger lights

The aforementioned Facebook apps exist for both iPhone and Android platforms. However, there is no Messenger Lite app for iPhone.

How to open a Facebook account on mobile

Facebook account can be opened with mobile using Facebook app or browser. If you want to open a Facebook account on mobile:

  • Log in to the Facebook app or log in to from the browser.
  • Click the Create New Account button.
  • Then press Next.
  • Then write the first part of your name in the First Name box and the last part in the Last Name box.

How to Create Facebook account

Then select the date of birth

How to Create fb account

Select gender

How to Create Facebook account

Provide your mobile number or email address for verification

How to Create fb account

Then enter a password for the Facebook account. If you can create passwords by combining lowercase letters, symbols, and numbers, they will be stronger passwords, which will reduce the risk of being hacked. Remember the password exactly, otherwise, you will not be able to log in later. Enter the password and click Next

How to Create Facebook

  • Then show the Login with one tap option and select the one you like, through which you can log in to your Facebook account with one click.
  • Then a mail or message will be sent to your given email or phone number.
  • Provide the code found in the mail or message on Facebook and press Confirm.
  • Then you will be asked to add some people around you as friends from Facebook.
  • If you do not want to add someone to the display, you can press Skip.
  • You will then be asked to upload a profile picture, which you can do immediately or later.

If you follow the above procedure properly, your new Facebook account will be created.

How to create a Facebook account on a computer

The rules for opening a Facebook account from a computer are much the same as opening a Facebook ID from a mobile. To open a Facebook account from a computer:

  • Access from the browser
  • Click Create New Account

how to create facebook account

  • Enter the name of the Facebook account you want to open
  • Enter the phone number or email address
  • Enter a new password
  • Select the date of birth
  • Select gender
  • Click Sign Up
  • After that, if you provide the code received in the email or message, your Facebook account will be opened

Facebook’s alternative

If you don’t like Facebook, you can use apps like WhatsApp or Telegram as an alternative for messaging and calling. Some of the best alternative messaging and calling services of Facebook are – Snapchat, Telegram, Viber, etc.

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