Perfect sewing dress skills | This kind of dress brings

The skill of sewing, the specific size of the person’s body shape, the formal but current style of cutting everything is highlighted in the tailored cut dress. This kind of dress brings variety to the outfit and brings confidence in the personality.

The word “Taylor” was first added to the Oxford Dictionary in 1297. It comes from the French word ‘Taylor, which means ‘cut’. Knitting began to diversify in Western Europe.

Before this time garments were usually made of a piece of cloth and were made for the purpose of covering or concealing the body; There was no particular interest in the style of the garment maker or the wearer. The tailored cut dress is made according to the physical structure of the person.

With the right size. Interestingly, it is possible to bring a dry pattern to the physical infrastructure through tailored cut clothing. However, in doing so, the clothes cannot be made tight in any way.


In our country, the tradition of making clothes of a certain size by going to a tailor shop or tailor shop is very old. Although the demand for fabrics made in shops is very high, this industry still exists with pride. However, the tailor-made garments made here are not the same as the garments made by the tailor shops here. There are differences in the meaning of the word and the way it is served.

Corporate look clothing, there will be no formal formal look. Current cuts will be published. That is what fashion designer Afsana Urmi said. However, the condition is that there will be perfect skill in sewing. The whole set of clothes will express the crunch feeling.

Tailored-cut garments can be found in internationally renowned brands. You have to look at the wallet 10 times before buying. You can get that kind of clothes from designers at low prices. In a word, you can easily buy high-end (expensive branded clothes) clothes. Fashion designer Rifat Rahman said that the clothes made in the shop are popular.

However, making clothes according to the size of a person’s physical constitution can be said to be an art. Someone’s hands are thick but other parts of the body are relatively dry. When buying clothes from the shop, he has to buy one size big clothes because of his hands. The rest of the body loosens the garment. In the case of corporate outfits, it doesn’t look good then. Tailored cuts can easily avoid such problems.

The corporate dress jacket can be presented with a variety of cuts. Sometimes long cuts, sometimes short cuts. Pants can be given in various cuts and they can be worn with various tailored cut tops or shirts.

Many people understand tailored to mean a traditional cut suit. But keeping in mind the heat of this country, Rifat Rahman has made different styles of formal clothes. Gave the current cut. Suits, long-sleeved dresses, and even shirts can be made with tailored cuts.

However, when choosing clothes, make sure that it is a little heavy. Heavy fabrics or terry fabrics mixed with cotton, linen. It will not be possible to get a good cut with fluffy fabrics like silk, georgette, or chiffon.

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