Evergreen Madhuri in beautiful sari

If there is a poll on the selection of the best clothes, then the Bengalis will stumble and vote for the sari. Sari is very popular not only in Bangladesh but also in India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. Sari also adapts nicely to Bollywood stars. Let’s take a look at how the sari, which is associated with the Bengali tradition, history and culture, has adapted to 54 spring perono Madhuri dikkhita. Let’s see 12 looks of evergreen Madhuri in Bahari Saree –


The black texture of this pink fringe is greatly appreciated. After Madhuri, many people have been seen wearing such sarees.

Take a look at the outfit. Next year, on the holy day of Boishakh, you can dress like Madhuri in a white sari
Photo: Madhuri Dixit’s Instagram handle

Over time, sari has come in various forms. Belts have gained popularity with sarees.

Madhuri is also wearing a matching belt with a sari. The wrinkles are spread out, like a lehenga.

Not just a belt with a sari, but a waist.

The glittering Madhuri in the colorful sari


Madhuri spreads the same light in black sari


This colorful blouse sleeveless with red saree is widely admired


Yellow sari, gold sequined beaded sleeveless blouse and green stone design jewelery, ‘perfect’ Madhuri

Blouses can be the opposite color of the sari. It can be combined with sari again. Here Madhuri is shining in a gray sari.

Bollywood’s big screen iconic actress Madhuri has also been seen in a magenta-colored sari.

You can read this yellow-green saree like Madhuri

Note: All Picture collected by instagram

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