5 foods that will hold your youth

Wildflower: You didn’t let the age of the mind grow. But the age of the body must be according to the laws of nature. How can you stop him and you? Yet who does not want to retain his youth?

The real thing is to take care of your health after turning forty. If not, how to stay healthy? And how to enjoy life? Find out what you can do to stay healthy even after forty. According to most nutritionists, the body needs more attention when it is over forty. At this age, it is better to avoid extra carbs.


According to nutritionists, it is best to have oats for breakfast after the age of 40. It contains a lot of fiber. These oats are also very beneficial for the daily diet. It also helps to provide energy to the body. If you eat 30 grams of oats every day, your morning will be quite bright. Fiber increases digestive energy. Fiber helps maintain the youthfulness of the body even with age.


Keep milk in your diet even after 40 years. It contains a high amount of protein, calcium. Due to which the muscles of the body increase strength and get rid of bone loss. Milk contains electrolytes to hydrate the body. Have a glass of milk for breakfast every day to keep the body fit.


Bananas have the key to increasing energy. It contains a lot of vitamins, potassium, iron. Adherence to a healthy diet should include foods rich in beneficial minerals. You can even eat bananas wherever you go or in the office. If you are hungry between breakfast and lunch, you can eat bananas.


You can eat it in the afternoon or during lunch salad. It contains a lot of carbs. Put it on the leaves as a daily energy storage provider. It contains vitamin A. Which helps to provide full nutrition to the immune system. Increases the functional capacity of all the organs of the mouth. In it you will naturally grow beauty. Rangalu is also very good for the eyes.

Dark chocolate

Harmful to sweet teeth! Dark chocolate is good to eat and has a number of beneficial mineral nutrients. You can eat dark chocolate at one time of the day to keep your mind well and as an energy booster. It contains caffeine, an antioxidant, which is essential for good health.

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