Bring your own novelty to the wall

The plaster on one side of the porch wall has gone up for over a year. It feels uncomfortable to look at. Because of Corona, there is no way to fix it by bringing in artisans from outside. So I decided in a hurry. I can paint the wall by myself.

I stood in front of the wall with a paintbrush. After trying for six or seven days, I painted herbs on the wall. In this way, new walls or houses can be decorated in a new way, we have seen and heard samples of it during the Corona period. Anyone can bring novelty to the old wall if they want.

He tried to paint on the wall for the first time in his life. Here is the story of the new story:

  • First, the top of the whole wall was rubbed with thick gelatin paper. Equalized as much as possible.
  • Then two coats have been given with primer.
  • After applying the primer, you have to give a width of your choice. You can also apply any light color of your choice to the whole wall.
  • Then the design is lightly drawn with a pencil.
  • Then it’s time to paint. Acrylic paint has been used here for drawing. If you want, you can paint with a little light plastic paint.
  • Take a break after drawing. Re-paint the areas where you think the color is a little less.

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