Ceremony of green in low light

It’s a little hard to find green in this brick-and-stone city. So many people want to decorate their inner palace with green. As the interior will change, the house will become more livable.

But many people think that indoor plants cannot be kept in the house without adequate lighting. But experts say there is nothing to worry about. This is because there are some species of indoor plants that can grow indoors or even in low light. Apart from that, these trees also keep indoor air pollution-free.

Aloe vera

In Bengali, its name is Ghritakumari or Ghritakanchan. The juice of this tree is useful in skin and hair care. There is no comparison to keeping the indoor air clean and increasing the level of oxygen. Only 1 aloe vera tree works equally to 9 biological air purifiers.


You can also easily keep this thorny tree indoors. Cactus species other than desert cactus do not require much light. Not even too much water is needed.

Sunshine two days a week and a little water are enough. Different types of cactus are available in the nurseries. This tree can be easily placed on the veranda or next to the window.

Lady Palm

This green tree is a species of a palm tree. It is small in size and suitable for indoor enlargement. Lady Palm is one of the most suitable plants for office or commercial spaces.

It looks a lot like a small palm tree. Commonly known as rapids, this tree can be easily kept indoors. Lady Palm grows very slowly. This tree does not need much sun.

Dragon T.

This tree is very easy to care for. This plant has the amazing ability to grow at any temperature. However, if you water it regularly every day, this tree grows fast. Light is needed but sunlight is not needed.

Chinese Evergreen

This tree survives in low light, low water, where the sunlight does not reach inside the house, it also survives. This tree is also called an air purifier. They are good in the shade.

Bamboo palm

These trees are 8 to 12 feet tall. Can purify a large amount of air. Formaldehyde from the air removes toxic pollutants called trichloroethylene and makes the home environment livable. The shrubby tree removes toxins from the house. The tree has to be kept in sunlight for some time in a row.

Indian basil or basil tree

Basil is a medicinal plant. Its leaves, seeds, pulses are all beneficial for human beings. In Ayurveda, Tulsi has been described as a very important ingredient in herbs. Basil leaf juice is very useful for relieving cold-cough, runny nose, and fever. Basil trees can be easily kept indoors. This tree does not need much care. This tree keeps the air clean.

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