How to create Instagram account and all setting using Tips

How to create Instagram account: The popularity of Instagram as a social media platform is increasing day by day. Instagram is also very popular in our country. Let’s find out more about the rules for opening an Instagram account and the rules for using Instagram.

What is Instagram

Instagram is a free, online photo and video sharing application and social networking platform. The current owner of Instagram is Facebook. Facebook bought the platform in 2012. In 2010, Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger founded Instagram.

With the number of active users as a social media platform, Instagram has become a virtual crowd. The platform is designed for sharing pictures and videos instead of words. Instagram has become so popular that “Instagramming” is now a common term.

Instagram’s main features

All of Instagram’s features are photo and video-centric. Notable features of Instagram are:

  • Posts: Users can post any type of photo or video that appears in the Instagram feed below their Instagram profile.
  • Video: 60-second duration video can be posted as a post. If the video is longer than 60 seconds, it goes to the IGTV section.
  • IGTV: Large videos of 60 seconds are stored in the IGTV section of the profile. Basically, it can be called a small YouTube on Instagram.
  • Reels: These reels are a separate section of Instagram short videos. This reels feature is an attempt to tickle Instagram a lot.
  • Live Video: Anyone can stream live video from the Instagram app at any time.
  • Filter: The beauty of the image can be enhanced by adding a separate overlay on the image. This separate overlay is called a K filter. There are many filters on Instagram.
  • Story: Videos or pictures that can be viewed for 24 hours can be posted as a story.
  • Message: Private conversations between users are stored in the inbox.

Download the Instagram app

Instagram’s full feature is only available on mobile devices. So the real experience of the social media platform can be found using the Instagram app. The Instagram app can be used on both Android and iOS platforms.

How to Create Instagram account

Since Instagram is a product of Facebook, you can log in to Instagram directly with your Facebook account without having to create an Instagram account separately. However, in addition to this, there is an initial facility to open an account for Instagram with an email ID or phone number and password.

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If you are already logged in to your Facebook account on any device, you can open an Instagram account directly using Instagram’s Log In With Facebook option.

Or login to the Instagram app or to open an Instagram account with an email or phone number. Click Sign Up from the page that appears.

How to create Instagram account

Then you will see the Instagram sign-up form. In the Mobile Number or Email text box, enter the mobile number or email address with which you want to open the Instagram ID.

  • Enter the name that will be shown in your Instagram ID in the Full Name box.
  • Enter the username of Instagram in the Username box.
  • In the Password box, click Sign Up with the password for the Instagram account.
  • Then a code will come to your given phone number or email address. Once you enter the code on Instagram, you will create a new Instagram account that you can start using.

How to using Instagram

The Instagram account was opened. Now you need to know how to use Instagram. Let’s find out in detail about the rules for using all the major Instagram features.

Notice the image below. Here are three screenshots of Instagram. If you take a good look at these three pictures, you will go a long way in using Instagram. In the picture below, you will notice the main features of the Instagram app.

In the first screenshot, there is a post at the far left of your hand, below which there is a Like, Comment, and Share Story or Message button. The post can also be saved by the last button at the bottom right of the post.

How to Create Instagram account

If you notice more, you will see that there are two icons on the top right and left on the first image. The story can be added to Instagram by clicking on the camera icon on the left. In addition to pictures and videos as a story can be written and posted. The icon to the right of the image is Instagram Direct, which is basically Instagram’s inbox. In other words, Instagram’s personal message is stored here.

Instagram personal Account

After that, in the picture in the middle, we can see the Instagram reels. This is a relatively new feature of Instagram. The Reels feature has been added to Instagram to give short videos a place on Instagram, just like TickTock. Users can use Instagram filters and library music to create reels (videos).

The Instagram profile can be seen at the end of the picture on the far right. There are currently four tabs on an Instagram profile. However, not all people and content may have tabs. The first tab shows all the posts made by the user. This is known as the timeline.

how to create instagram

Then there are Reels and IGTV tabs respectively. Lastly, there is a tagged tab. This tagged tab displays posts tagged by the user.

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In the screenshot of the mentioned Instagram app, we see multiple icons at the bottom of the screen. Pressing the first of these icons (Home) takes you to the Instagram feed, where the posts of users you follow can be seen. Then there is an option like the search icon to discover all the new posts in the Instagram Explore tab by clicking.

Next to the Explore tab is an icon that looks like a plus (+). This icon is one of the most important features of Instagram. Photos or videos can be posted on Instagram by clicking on the icon to look like this plus. Before any photo or video post can be edited as well as filtered and edited. There is also the option to tag other users and select the location of the content.

Next to the post icon is a heart-like icon. Clicking on this icon shows Instagram notifications. In many cases, the icon of the Instagram shop is displayed instead of this icon.

Instagram tips

Even though it is only a photo and video sharing app, Instagram does not lack features. When using Instagram, the following can help you to grow your account as a user on social media platforms:

  • Post interesting pictures to look good.
  • Avoid using dimensional filters.
  • Use hashtags, but not extra.
  • You can find interesting content by using the search feature.
  • Try to post regularly to retain followers.
  • You can engage with followers by replying to comments on your posts.
  • Make proper use of the story feature.

Earnings via Instagram

If you have a mobile phone in your hand, you can earn money from Instagram. There are several ways to earn money from Instagram. For example, by promoting other people’s accounts or affiliate marketing for money, etc. Click here for details of income from Instagram.

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