How to get back deleted WhatsApp messages? Learn new features!

WhatsApp’s new feature ‘Delete Message’ has recently become a must-have for users. We can easily delete incorrect or unnecessary messages in a group or private chat.

But in some cases, it is no longer possible to view deleted messages. So it is difficult to read. WhatsApp, the most used instant messaging platform, is bringing special features to its users every day.

How to get back deleted WhatsApp messages

In such situations, many times we do not know about the many useful features of WhatsApp. Messages sent with the Delete Messages feature on WhatsApp are deleted. This allows users to delete messages sent after a certain period of time. But sometimes the message we delete is what to do if needed.

How to get back deleted WhatsApp messages Learn new features!

So today we tell you a trick, which allows you to read the messages that someone has deleted. Let’s find out. You can use an app called WAMR to read deleted messages again.

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That app recently brought WhatsApp. With this app, not only deleted messages but also your deleted media files can be restored. If someone has deleted the message sent by you before you read it, then you can easily read this deleted message easily through this app. In addition, you can download others’ status updates from WhatsApp with this app.

Let me tell you how this app works

You can install this app of 15 MB size directly from Google Play Store. Now you have to choose from the three social media WhatsApp, Telegram, and Instagram for which medium you want to use this app. After selecting it, the app will ask you for consent to backup your chat. Your new app will be ready as soon as you agree to it.

WARM is the utility you are looking for. With this one tool, you can recover messages and any A media attachments (pictures, videos, voice notes, audio, animated GIFs, and stickers).

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Now you can download the status! Everything with one app! If the sender deletes any message, video, picture, etc. sent by him, you will get a notification through the WAMR utility.

You will find all incoming messages, chats, media files including deleted files inside the WAMR interface. If you have automatic downloads for media files, the app will enable you to use them as well. Once WAMR starts capturing, any deleted message will appear in the app’s interface, making it look like the main screen of WhatsApp.

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