New features of Windows 11

Finally, Microsoft announced the new version of Windows, Windows 11. Windows 11 has changed almost everything, including rounded corners, new widgets, and multi-tasking. However, the bootable file of Windows 11 was leaked a few days before the official release. Let’s find out about all the changes and new features of Windows 11.

New features of Windows 11

One of the changes in the taskbar of Windows 11. The Windows Start menu and taskbar are completely redesigned in Windows 11. Windows 11’s start menu and taskbar have been relocated to the middle, which looks a lot like Apple’s Mac OS.

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With the importance of multitasking, a new dimension has come in the split-window feature. Windows 11 users can easily save from multiple layouts. There are also different themes and users with different desktops for different tasks, such as office, home, or gaming.

Microsoft’s messaging app, Microsoft Teams, has been integrated with Windows 11. New widgets have been added to Windows 11 for everything – calendar, traffic, news, or sports.

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Windows 11’s Touch Target has been developed for devices with larger screens. Voice typing feature is also going to come in Windows 11. Auto HDR has been added, which will allow Windows 11 users to enjoy better gaming.

The best update among the new features of Windows 11 should be the extraordinary improvement of the Microsoft Store. The new Windows 11 Microsoft Store has undergone a change, with more beautiful designs and all the features to attract developers.

Windows 11’s Android App Store

A similar feature has been added to Windows 11 before Apple’s M1 chip-powered Mac OS features iOS apps. From now on, the Android apps in the Amazon App Store can be downloaded directly and used on Android 11.

Who will get Windows 11 update?

Just as Windows 10 was free for Windows 7 and 8 users, Windows 10 users will get Windows 11 updates for free. You need to have a minimum system configuration to get Windows 11 update

  • 64-bit CPU,
  • 4 GB RAM,
  • 64 GB storage.

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