Painted furniture! This idea of decorating the house can be called new in our country.

Painted furniture! This idea of decorating the house can be called new in our country. But in the international fashion of the interior, painted furniture is the current trend. Those who like to play with colors in the house, do not think twice about using painted furniture to decorate the house. Red, blue, yellow, turquoise, pink, brown, ash, aqua, peach, green, cream — these colors are used more in painted furniture.

Furniture painted in interior style is a different fashion. And such furniture is not just a house if you want the whole house can be painted in selected furniture. But it is not enough to just paint, you have to retain the brightness of the color. Experts say that no matter what the furniture is, with proper care, the color does not get dirty even after a long day. The bright look lasts for many days.

Dust off every day

The air dust first falls on the furniture decorated in the house. If you don’t clean it for two or three days, the white dust will fall off. Apparently, the loss of dust is not understood. But it leaves the brightness and shine of the color. So the painted furniture should be cleaned with a thin cotton cloth or soft duster every day.

Remove stains from furniture

Stains on painted furniture should be removed immediately by mixing liquid or low alkali soap in lukewarm water. Then wipe the cloth soaked in normal water. In the end, the furniture should be wiped with a dry cotton cloth. Otherwise, water stains will remain.


As can be seen many times, the color of a small area of painted furniture goes up. In that case, it can be solved only by repetition of that place. First, one coat should be dried with paint and the second coat should be given.

Use of accessories

Accessories should be used to avoid stains or dust on painted furniture. Such as table mats, clothes, runners, etc.

Oil finish

Repeatedly painting to retain the color of the painted furniture will increase the cost. In that case, the oil finish will keep the color of the furniture good. Oil finish is a type of oil, which protects the color, looks bright.

Beware of rain

It is often seen that the furniture of the house is placed next to the window. He fell asleep with the window open. And the colorful furniture soaked in the rain all night. So now save the furniture on a rainy day from the rain.

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