Scarlett’s lawsuit against Disney

Hollywood star Scarlett Johansson has filed a lawsuit against Disney for allegedly running Black Widow online in breach of contract. The company made a record amount of money in the first week of Coronation from this recently released superhero movie.

The film is streaming online in the second week. Scarlett, the actress in the central character of Black Widow, has claimed that she has been deprived of a huge amount of income due to this.

Despite the ongoing epidemic, Black Widow earned ৮ 217 million in its first week of release. But from the next week that income began to decline. Scarlett alleges that because of this, she too has been deprived of her due.

Because, if more tickets are sold, he will get the money based on that calculation as per the contract. On the other hand, the world-renowned film production company Disney claims that what has been done is in full compliance with the agreement. The actress’ allegations are baseless.

Scarlett said the Disney-owned Marvel Studios had promised her the film would only be shown in theaters. Although he is not against running pictures online. But after running in theaters for at least 90 days, Disney’s OTT should have been given.

Many Hollywood studios have stopped making movies because of Corona, and several studios have closed. On the other hand, many organizations have released pictures online. Now the theater has begun to open again. Big companies like Disney and Warner Bros. have launched their own release strategies both in theaters and online.

The film grossed 60 million in North America and ৭৮ 8 million in the international market in its first week of release at Black Widow. On the other hand, the image from the OTT platform Disney Plus showed 60 million US dollars.

According to a source close to Scarlett, the amount of the actress’ honor depends on how much money was sold in the theaters. As a result, he has lost about 50 million dollars.

Disney claims that Scarlett would have made more money if the movie had run online. In a statement, the organization said it was “sad and painful” to oppose an initiative to run a movie on OTT in the midst of an epidemic. Source: BBC

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