The price of Jahnavi’s bag starts from 75 thousand to 12 lakh

Jahnavi Kapoor is gradually taking his place as a fashion icon for the youth. From Jahnbi’s party look to the airport look or the gym look — everything is a ‘fashion goal’.

Like mother Sridevi, Jahnavi also has all the collections of bags of various brands in the world. Jahnavi is the favorite star of the paparazzi. Every time he leaves the house, a ‘style statement’ is made. And those pictures go viral in the world of the internet.

Jahnavi was discussed as a star girl even before she became a star. And since writing his name on the big screen, wherever he goes, the paparazzi follow suit.

There are pictures almost every time. They will come out as soon as you use the internet. From there, Pinkvilla has talked to fashion experts separately about the pictures that have handbags, purses or bucket bags to carry.

Jahnavi Kapoor
shanel bag costs 3 lakh 13 thousand 400 rupees on Instagram

Then one made a special report. From there, it is known that every time Jahnavi goes out with any kind of bag, their price ranges from a minimum of Tk 75,000 to a maximum of Tk 12 lakh. This article discusses the least expensive and most expensive bags in Jahnbi’s collection.

Jahnavi Kapoor
This is the picture of that bucket bag: Instagram

Sridevi also had a nice collection of all the bags. Many say that Jahnavi also learned to carry beautiful bags like acting from his style icon mother. Interestingly, the lowest-priced bag is Jahnavi’s favorite. This diva has appeared many times with this bag.

The bag is taken from the ‘Bucket Bag’ in the SpongeBob Bag section of the Italian brand Moschino. It costs 65 thousand rupees or 75 thousand rupees. Numerous times Jahnavi has taken this bag with a ‘casual look’, two lace sandals, ordinary clothes while going out to the gym. However, in the case of bags, Jahnbi’s favorite brand is Chanel. Chanel has numerous bags in Jahnbi’s collection. Their price is between 2 lakh to 12 lakh.


This is the cherry-colored bag you see with matching pants, it’s taken from Hermes Birkin. He took the bag while going on tour. It costs at least 12 lakh rupees.

The price of the bag from the section from which it is taken starts from 1 million; Depending on the shape, color, texture can be up to 2.5 million. Apart from this, when going to parties, award functions, or traveling outside India, there are many more types, designs, and brands of bags.

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