I don’t like ‘overdue’ at all: badhon

If it is said that Badhon is the most ‘fashionable girl’ in Bangladesh at this moment, it does not seem to be an exaggeration. He is gaining the admiration of the common people and fashionistas of the country with one eye-catching dress after another.

Today is the last day of the 64th Cannes Film Festival. The last day’s dress has not come to the fore yet. This is the beginning of the conversation about the last two clothes. Fans liked both. The response is in the comments yard.

The recent Deep Blue High Slit Gown-like outfit is made by Dubai-based Bangladeshi designer Asma Sultana. This dress with feathers on the hands and neck is taken from the Asmar brand Joanash.


One by one, Bangladeshi women designers are appearing on the red carpet of Bandhan Kan. In that series, the name is El Asma Sultana. Designer Asma is also a well-known name among Bollywood stars.

I asked Bandhan if he had any instructions for making this dress. He said, ‘I was just talking about color. And I said, keep it simple. Don’t be too gorgeous. I don’t like “overdue” at all. Apu did the rest as her own.

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It can’t be called a gown at all. Sari sari is a matter. This designer is perfect for embellishing a luxurious rich class dress in harmony with tradition and culture. The dress is having a great feeling of my own afterward. The hard work of the designers is successful in a short time.

One of the bandhs commented on Facebook below the photo, ‘Of all the outfits you wear at the Cannes festival, this is the most unique and modern. This dress says that the fashion designers of our country are also of international standard. It suits you very well.


Meanwhile, the latest binding has been seen on the red carpet of the ears in black and white striped coats and pants. It is taken from the local brand Zurhem. Designed by Mehrooz Monir. After this dress, Bandhan posted some pictures taken from the red carpet of his ears and wrote, ‘I can’t imagine anything better to wear today.

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I am very happy with the way this dress fits my body, the way it enhances my personality, the way I am made. This dress made me feel ‘special’. My sincere thanks and gratitude to those who made it.

Each outfit is ‘minimalist’ and ‘classy’. Clothing has changed with lipstick, hair, shoes, and sunglasses. However, using Kajal in her eyes, she has identified 100%, Bangladeshi women.

Kajal also gave eye to eye with the western gown. It didn’t seem so out of place. On the contrary, his outfit has supported the fact that the East and the West have been tied in a single thread.

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