Children’s colorful raincoats | Colorful design and quality protection from rain water

Suddenly black clouds in the sky, then the drizzle. It may rain at any time now, depending on the nature of the season. If you stay at home, you can enjoy the drizzle. But when you go out, you have to return in a hurry. So raincoat is a useful garment in the rainy season. There is no alternative to rain for children at this time of hot rain.

The use of raincoats is most during the rainy season. So before buying for children, color, texture, type, how waterproof – everything must be considered. This is especially important if your child is feeling comfortable after a raincoat. Besides, if the children are not interested in wearing these clothes, Sonia Begum, a professor in the Department of Textiles and Weaving, Home Economics College, suggested choosing a childish raincoat.

Children’s colorful raincoats

Among the many types of raincoats, rain slippers are comfortable for children. These raincoats are knee-length and buttoned at the front. There is a hoodie to cover the head. Conveniently, these are very light type, so it is also easy for children to move around.

Children's colorful raincoats

Another type of raincoat is completely waterproof. This type of raincoat is a little heavier and stiffer type. The use of such raincoats will provide complete protection from rain if it rains a little more. Most of these are chained from the front.

Colorful design

Some three-tiered raincoats are now quite popular. If the upper part gets wet, it can be removed. In addition, it is absolutely waterproof. However, air-conditioned raincoats are easy for children to use and move around. This does not make the baby prone to heat or sweat.

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Before buying a baby raincoat, you need to check the height of the baby and the length of the raincoat.


Since there are many types of raincoats, you have to look at their weaving with ease. Some raincoats are kind of stiff and rough. A little soft and the smooth weave is best so that the baby’s skin does not itch or feel uncomfortable.

Children's colorful raincoats

Sewing and hoodie

Children must notice the stitching before buying a raincoat. So that no part of the water can enter. In addition, if the hood is given a thin rubber, the water is more likely not to get on the head.


The raincoat protects from rainwater, but the raincoat must be removed and matched immediately upon return to a dry place. The child should not wear a raincoat too often. It makes the body feel cool. The result can be a cold.

Children's colorful raincoats

Before washing the raincoat, you must see if there are any instructions in it. Some raincoat powder should not be washed soaked in soap or detergent. Many types of raincoats are washed with a special type of cleaner.

Such as Nick Wax Tech Wash. It will clean hard dirt or oil. For this, you have to wash the raincoat in a container or machine with the cleaner in cold water. As if there is no way to stay clean. At the end should be dried on light heat.

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