Let the wooden comb be the companion of the hair

Curly daughter Ray has her cloud hair
Take me to the river Ray, the land of that girl.

Nazrul’s song is a wonderful description of women’s hair. Now such descriptions are found more in hair literature, less in reality.

Mothers become nostalgic when they sit down to put oil on their daughter’s hair. ‘Hair was our time. What was the hair on your grandmother’s head even at the age of eighty … You ruined her hair by using habijabi, ‘these are the’ common dialogues’ of mothers.

Many also blame combs made of plastic, metal or fiber for hair loss. The scientific basis for that claim has come to the fore over time. To remove the plastic comb and replace it with a wooden comb. Let the cloud hair comb with the wooden comb. Because, in many cases, the prerequisite for cloud hair is a wooden comb.

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The plastic comb cannot pull all the dirt out of the head. The static electricity that is generated in the metal or plastic comb, while combing, the dust and dirt of the hair gets stuck on the comb and stays in the hair again.

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There is absolutely no fear in that wooden comb. On the other hand, combing the hair with a wooden comb keeps the head clean. Because, while combing, the dust of the head comes out with the comb. And dandruff is not a problem. The use of wooden combs naturally increases hair volume.

Plastic combs are most commonly used to comb hair. These combs made of plastic or metal generate small static electricity when combing the hair, which is harmful to the hair. Natural wood combs do not have this problem. As a result, the hair does not break or become rough. Rather it nourishes the hair.

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The wooden comb gently spreads the tangles of hair. Because the edges are smooth and round, the oil that is naturally produced from the scalp reaches all the hair follicles evenly.

The palm of the head is best massaged in a wooden comb compared to other combs. This increases the blood circulation in the head. So wooden comb is also very helpful for hair growth.

Combing the hair with other combs generates heat on the scalp, which is harmful to the hair. The scalp cannot tolerate this extra heat so the hair falls out. The wooden comb is convenient with this side. It does not generate excess heat. Other than that, many people may have allergies to other combs.

How to clean a wooden comb

Put a little coconut oil or petroleum jelly on the comb and leave it for half an hour. The dirt will become soft. Then clean with a cloth, paper, or kitchen tissue. Yes, it became like new. It’s easy. It is better not to wash any wood in water.

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