That way you will be your own friend

First of all, love yourself, be confident and take yourself to a respectable position, you will see that you are no longer lacking in friends. If you are good at yourself, you can love others, you can give time.

You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. But you have to keep yourself well to keep everyone around you well.

But it is also very important for your own well-being. If you can be your own best friend, then you can fully enjoy the joy of life.

Encourage yourself: Encourage yourself in the same way you encourage a friend in bad times. Evaluate your own work, learn from mistakes.

Write a diary: Practice writing down your own experiences, feelings. Write about yourself without any kind of judgment.

Meditate: Take some time for yourself and meditate. It will keep you calm.

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Take care of yourself: Always take care of yourself without thinking about the advantages and disadvantages of others. Exercise regularly. Ensure eight hours of sleep and proper eating habits every day.

Leave negative company: Leave the company of those with whom you do not have any positive effect on yourself.
Do hobbies: Instead of sitting in front of the TV for hours, spend time on hobbies like gardening or drawing.

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Be flexible to yourself: Maybe today’s tasks didn’t go well. Comfort yourself. Maybe something went wrong, forgive yourself. Remember not to freeze. Learning from mistakes will not be the same mistake later – explain yourself in this way.

Learn about your strengths: There are a number of qualities that you can be proud of. Find them. Practice them.

Don’t think of yourself as perfect: Remember, no human is perfect. So even if you try to do everything perfectly, you will always be able to do it, don’t think that.

Reward yourself: Reward yourself for good deeds. Encourage yourself, love. Remember; Loving yourself does not mean selfishness, it is necessary to be good to everyone.

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