Jahnbi on the cover of ‘L’ magazine

Jahnavi Kapoor’s name is gradually spreading like a fashion icon among the youth. He recently appeared on the cover of the Indian edition of El Magazine. And the fans liked those pictures very much.

“Fashion is not a matter of imitation,” Jahnbi told L Magazine. Rather everyone should create their own fashion ideas. But looking at another can be an inspiration.


Sridevikanya Jahnavi thinks that carrying the legacy of the legendary Sridevi is not a pressure, but it is her responsibility and she is proud of it. However, Jahnavi was not inspired by Sridevi, but by two Bollywood stars of the time, Alia Bhatt and Sara Ali Khan.

Jahnavi’s inspiration is self-reliant and confident women. Sridevi always said, do something yourself. To do something like yourself. Jahnavi always tries. He also listens to his mind when it comes to fashion.

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There are four outfits designed by Indian designer Tarun Tahiliani and one outfit designed by Anamika Khanna in the June issue of L. In the picture on the cover, Jahnavi is wearing the clothes of young Tahiliani. Interestingly, the pictures were taken in early 2020. Don’t attack yet. So the shooting is going on smoothly. That comfortable camera didn’t escape the eye.


Jahnavi appears in a heavily embroidered Anarkali. Various colors have peeked out on the golden ground. The chunky neckpiece was with. In hand was a golden cuff that matched the dress. Surma in the eyes, nude lipstick, and colorful untied hair are complete.

The 24-year-old Bollywood star has also appeared in a golden lace lehenga-choli. A blouse of the same color has been paired with. In another photo, he is wearing a dhoti-blouse and matching gloves.

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The popular young lady has also been seen in a Thai-high slit skirt. With was knee-length brown Fendi boots. There was a handmade necklace around his neck. And a wide bracelet in hand. The jewelry worn with these four outfits and clothing belongs to the young Tahiliani clothing and jewelry brand.


The fifth outfit was a multicolor jacket. The jacket was designed by Anamika Khanna. He had a black belt around his waist. It also had a red check and black Fendi boots. The ornaments worn with this dress are designed by Lara Morakhia.


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