What to do if the oxygen in the covid is reduced

One of the harms that Covid-19 does to the human body is that it reduces the level of oxygen in the blood of many people. A healthy person should have 90 to 100 percent oxygen level in their blood. Many people now have oximeters in their homes to measure oxygen levels very easily.

The problem starts when oxygen goes below 90. If the dose is too low, the patient needs to be given oxygen with a nasal cannula. But if there is no oxygen in the house when needed, the patient can get some physical relief, but the National Chest Disease Institute and the hospital’s senior doctor. Kazi Saifuddin Bennur.

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He says that many people have trouble breathing in tight clothes. It is not possible to breathe with a full chest, because such clothing prevents the muscles of the lungs from expanding. If the oxygen in the body of the patient is reduced, the clothes should be loosened at the beginning.

No one can be rushed if the patient is alone or if someone else helps him. All the organs of the body need oxygen. Walking and even playing something increases the body’s need for oxygen. So stop walking and stay calm; Some should refrain from eating.

The patient should be laid upside down on the bed. Lie on your chest and try to take a deep breath slowly. It is beneficial because a large part of the lungs is located on the back of the human body. As a result of lying on your back, the back part of the lungs gets oxygen easily. Corona patients can get some benefit from this.

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To keep the lungs healthy, doctors are now advising everyone to do lung exercises. This advice is also given to healthy people, as the coronavirus infects the lungs. Patients with cavities can also do breathing exercises if they have difficulty breathing.

What to do if you suddenly have shortness of breath at home

One breathing exercise is for the patient to breathe deeply through the nose. Hold the air in the lungs for seven to 10 seconds or as long as possible. Then slowly exhale. This exercise needs to be done several times.

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People should be evacuated from the area if they have difficulty breathing. Crowds of people are deprived of oxygen in their homes and carbon dioxide is increased. The doors and windows of the house have to be opened.

But if the situation worsens, there is no alternative but to give oxygen. In that case, it is better to take the patient to the hospital or bring the cylinder home and give oxygen to the patient with the help of someone trained. Source: BBC.

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