What to do if you suddenly have shortness of breath at home

If you suddenly start having shortness of breath at home, how do you handle yourself? Doctors are talking about a special method called pruning.

If you can lie on your back and lie on your stomach very carefully in a special way while sleeping, then breathing will be much easier. This method is very effective in coronary artery disease.

If it is Covid-19, it is necessary to measure the oxygen saturation of the body according to the rules of the day. If you see that it has dropped below 94, then start the Pruning method. Because this method also helps to get oxygen.

How to do: Keep 4-5 pillows with you. At first, you have to lie down slowly. Place a pillow near the mouth or neck, two or three pillows from the bottom of the chest to the bottom of the abdomen. Put another pillow under your feet.

You can stay upside down for half an hour or an hour. Then slowly turn to the right. This way you can stay at your convenience for half an hour to a couple of hours.


Then you have to sit on the back of the pillow for another half an hour to a couple of hours. Then lie down and go back to the left side. After staying for a couple of hours again, you have to lie down on your back like at the beginning.

Doctors are advising to sleep on the side frequently. You can sleep in the same way for half an hour to 2 hours. But it is better to change direction every half hour.

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If you have an injury to your body, take care of it. Conveniently change the place of the pillow a little. Start this procedure half an hour after eating.

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This method is not suitable for: pregnant mothers, who have severe heart problems and who have spinal problems.

How to help others: Maybe someone in your household has sudden shortness of breath. But then you can’t take any other action. The patient is not in a position to follow this procedure on his own. What to do in that case?

A sheet should be placed under the patient’s body. Another sheet should be wrapped under the hand. So if you pull Chad, you can roll him from one side to the other. In this way, you have to change the patient’s place in the bed repeatedly.

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